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Healthy relationships can facilitate healing.  Couples counseling can be effective in improving and healing the relationship dynamic which can, in-turn, support growth and healing for the individuals in the relationship.  It can also be utilized as an effective intervention to support the recovery process of one of the individuals in the relationship.  I am a passionate advocate for the incredible benefits that can come from investing in the couple relationship.


Family systems can be an incredible source of healing, empowerment, healthy development, and fulfillment when the dynamic is healthy and adaptive.  Families are vulnerable to increasing stressors, though.  The impact of stressors like mental illness, addiction, financial strain, pre-occupation, communication problems, etc. can create a toxic environment for the individuals in the system and the damage can have a far reaching impact all the way into communities.  Choosing to take the bold and vulnerable step to seek help for your family will have a beautiful ripple effects beyond what one could anticipate.


In therapy sessions with me we will work together to identify the most effective interventions for the goals you are coming to therapy with.  These interventions could include anything from acquiring and practicing new skills to reprocessing painful memories.  Therapy with me is both practical, progressive, and based in neuroscience.


There is power and healing in connection.  Taking the vulnerable step to engage in group therapy can have an exponential impact.  Please check the group schedule in the menu bar to see what groups are being offered and when.


Coming Soon!


Is your child struggling with mental health problems or in treatment?  Are you unsure how to effectively support or advocate for them?  Whether that child is 8 or 22 I can help you navigate these difficult parenting challenges.



  • Relationships

  • ​Trauma related disorders

  • Eating Disorders

  • Anxiety related problems

  • Depression and Mood related issues

  • Grief/Loss

  • Performance related issues 

  • Issues due to significant life transitions or stressors

  • Substance Use Disorders 

  • Co-occurring Issues

  • Family members and partners of those struggling with Substance Use and Mental health issues.


With 16 year of clinical experience in rich training environments I have a diverse set of tools and interventions that allows me to tailor interventions to the unique needs of the client throughout the therapeutic process.  Interventions could include approaches such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, psychodynamic therapy, psychoeducation, etc.  Below are some of the more commonly asked about interventions that we have specialized and/or advanced training in.


This is a newer and more progressive approach that combines principles from EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. It is an intensely relational approach that utilizes eye position to identify and work through activation associated with traumatic/painful memories, significant anxieties, or other problematic symptoms.


This a trauma re-processing intervention.  It utilizes eye movement to desensitize distress/disturbance associated with traumatic experiences/memories.  


I have advanced training in a specific equine therapy approach called Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  This is an approach that utilizes horses to increase relational, psychological, physiological, and emotional regulation and improve relationship patterns.  It is a powerful experiential approach that can be used with individuals, couples, and parent/child relationships.


This is a powerful approach that enhances connection and intimacy between partners or parents and their children.  It also teaches the skills to empower continued growth at home and with other family members.

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Image by Dave Hoefler


Over the years it has become evident there are specific populations that really need somebody that "gets" them, and has the professional experience to fully understand the complexities of how their professional role both shapes who they are and impacts every other area of their life.  I have found that graduate school training is not sufficient for supporting the complexities and nuances of what working in these professions presents.  Individuals who work in these professions need somebody with specific life and professional experience help navigate them through the personal trials that working in these professions can present.   Below are some specific populations that we feel passionately about walking along side of in their healing journey.


If you choose to work with a therapist on our team you can expect that they will not only be passionate about his population, but will also possess cultural competence and many tools that can be utilized to support symptom alleviation and post-traumatic growth.
When referring to First Responders we are including individuals on the police force, firefighters, dispatchers, EMT's, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals on the front lines.


We have great respect for mental health professionals who are seeking support for their own mental health.  You can expect a partnership based on mutual respect if you choose to seek that support from our team.


If you are a spiritual leader looking for a partner in your healing process we know a bit about things like compassion fatigue, sorting through internal conflicts, and loneliness that can be associated with leadership.  We can help you sort through obstacles that could be interfering with your spiritual life as well as your relationship with yourself and others.


Owning and investing in a business can present dilemmas that are nearly impossible to anticipate and challenging to navigate.  Some of these dilemmas can be things like stress resulting from employees who are depending on you and demanding of you, financial risk stress, conflict between personal values and fiscal/business responsibility, etc.  Any of these stressors gone unchecked can impact business performance as well as personal life.  Investing in mental health as a business owner/entrepreneur is a wise investment.

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